Welcome To SpearoNation

Hi I’m Roman Castro

Welcome to SpearoNation

A Network of Spearfishing Websites Dedicated to Help You Become a Better Spearo.
Our guiding principals are simple:

Safety, Respect for the ocean, it’s resources, each other, and this community.

Over the years I have built different spearfishing related websites to share what I learn and to make connections to help me learn more and have more to share with you. SpearoNation is the unifying brand for all of these sites.

SpearoBlog.com My first spearfishing website was born May 2011, out of the frustration of wanting to learn, be safe, and avoid mistakes BUT being treated like I was asking for the secret of life when I asked simple questions on the popular spearfishing forums of the time.

I decided to document and share my Spearfishing Journey so the next generation of spearos could have a place to get answers to the basics without the new guy abuse.

SpearfishingSchool After a year or so of running SpearoBlog I noticed I kept getting similar questions. So I launched a series of articles called Spearfishing School where I answer many new diver questions in detailed articles to help you understand why not just how.

The Spear Podcast – The spearfishing podcast where spearos share stories, insights, and tips to help you on your spearfishing journey. This is the spearfishing podcast I wish existed when I was starting out. In February 2014, I learned how to produce and launch a podcast. I didn’t really hit it hard until Feb 2015 when I committed to making this a weekly show. Every Thursday you will find a new episode. Most episodes are interviews but I sprinkle in some Q&A sessions, Guided Breath Hold Exercises, and basically anything I think you will find useful on your spearfishing journey. The Spear is on iTunes for iOS device users and Stitcher for Droid Device users so you can listen in your car or while you’re at the gym.

SpearForum.com It’s the forum with a zero tolerance policy for disrespect. It has evolved into a place to meet dive buddies. Especially in regions you plan to visit. Some of our members have been using the site to find local divers to take them out while they visit and quickly return the favor when someone comes to visit their neck of the woods. This is a really neat part of the community. You connect with other divers that take the SpearoNation guiding principals to heart and you have a great time.

If you don’t see your region, just request it and I’ll add it.

SpearoTV.com This is in the works. I’m working on putting this together now and will be launching it soon. This isn’t going to be the usual “Fish Blasting” video channel. I’m going to focus on keeping the videos short, sweet and packed with useful information. With SpearoTV as with all SpearoNation websites providing value to you is my first priority. I understand you don’t have to watch, or listen, or read, any of my content but if you do, you can be sure you will be learning something. The SpearoTV channel is already up on YouTube. We have not released any of the episodes yet but if you want to be the first to see them when we do, go subscribe to that SpearoTV channel now.

SpearoNation Facebook Group A Closed Group for members of the SpearoNation that want to connect with other like minded divers. If you listen to The Spear Podcast, read SpearoBlog, post on SpearForum, watch SpearoTV, or have read through our Spearfishing School Articles you are part of the SpearoNation. Search for SpearoNation on Facebook or click on the link above and ask to join the group.

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