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This is the best way to support The Spear Podcast and SpearoNation. Patreon is a site that lets listeners like you pledge a dollar amount per episode to help creators like me. The pledges start as low as $1 and you can set a cap for each month. I put out 4 episodes a month so that’s $4 dollars a month. It is not much but if enough listeners become listener supporters I could do this full time and really step up the quality and quantity of SpearoNation content. Click on this link or the image below to go to my Patreon page and watch my video explaining how it works

I Love SpearoNation How Can I Send Money?

If you just discovered SpearoNation and the value packed resources like SpearoBlog, Spearfishing School, and The Spear podcast, and thought to yourself,  “Wow! All this free content. I’m learning so much. If only there was  a way to show my appreciation and help SpearoNation keep going…” If you would like to make a flat out donation on top of the becoming a Listener Supporter use my PayPal.Me link:
Donate to Roman to keep SpearoNation alive

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Out of all the options to support the show, I prefer the Patreon model because I’m in it for the long haul. This is the best way to keep the show as pure as possible. Since it is listener supported I can focus on the listeners instead of trying to build relationships with sponsors too. Talking with potential sponsors, putting together rate cards, and everything else that goes into attracting sponsors takes away from the show. My time is limited and I’d rather spend it making more of the content you want. Thank you for helping me make SpearoNation possible.

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