The Spear Podcast Segment Sponsor Info

I am looking for Segment Sponsors for THE SPEAR podcast. If you are or know a company or organization that would make a great fit please get in touch with me or share a link to this page.


  • The Spear is the top Spearfishing Podcast (Internet Radio Show) in the world.
  • The Spear Podcast is part of the SpearoNation Brand; Our Guiding Principals are Responsible Ocean Stewardship, Safety, and Respect for the Sport, The Catch, the Community, and Each Other.
  • New episode every Thursday (47 episodes as of this email 1/11/16)
  • We interview Spearos from around the world and they share stories, insights, and tips to help the listeners on their spearfishing journey.
  • There are 4 segments:
    • The New Spearo – Our guest shares how they discovered spearfishing and we get into the problems the faced and how they overcame them.
    • The Trident – Our guest shares three tips for new spearos
    • The Salty Spearo – We get into the nitty gritty. Spearfishing techniques, equipment, best experiences, best trips, and we dive into anything that grabs my attention and that I feel will be helpful to the listener.
    • The Spear – This segment is composed of a single question: “With all of your spearfishing experience, what is the most important insight you’ve had about spearfishing?”
  • Past guests include: Jay Riffe (Riffe Spearguns),Forrest Galante (Naked and Afraid Season2), Ryan Gattoni and Dustin McIntyre (GATKU Polespears), Ryan Moore (Riffe Team Diver), Chris Okamoto (, Clark McNulty (, Jeromy Gamble (Spearing Magazine), Memo Arikok (Medfish Freediving School), Alex Reynaud (Team USA Peru 2014), Chris Chaput (Sea Sniper Spearguns), G.R. Tarr (Red Tide Spearfishing), Ted Harty (Immersion Freediving), Rene Rojas (Spearfishing Legend), Riley Elliott (Shark Scientist/Spearo), Jose Debasa (Underwater Photographer), Cameron Kirkconnell (Spearfishing Legend and Trip of a Lifetime Guide), and more to come.
  • Available completely FREE to listen on our page or iTunes, on Apple Devices Via the Podcasts App, and Droid Phones via the Stitcher Radio App (A lot of room for growth)

The Numbers

  • Currently each new episode of The Spear Podcast gets 800-1000 downloads within the first 6 weeks of publishing. Average podcast episode gets 100 downloads in the first 6 weeks.
  • In less than 1 year (11 months) we hit 40,068 downloads across all episodes (Feb 2015 to Dec 2015)
  • TheĀ episodes continue to be available for the life of the show so new listeners can go back and listen trough the archive. (Your ROI gets better over time)
  • Ultra targeted audience
  • Steady consistent growth with momentum and a clear upward trend.

What you get as a Segment Sponsor

  • Host read segment intro that includes: Acknowledgement that you are sponsoring the segment, one to two sentences (slogan or quick blurb about your brand), and a website or social media mention.
  • Links back to your website from the Show Notes page of each episode you are a sponsor in. (Good for Search Engine Optimization)
  • Here is an in show example. “….Now we are going to jump into The Trident Segment, The Trident is brought to you by the Monterey Bay Tritons Spearfishing Club, They operate from Northern to Central California and you can get more info by going to”

Availability and Rates

  • We have 2 out of 4 Segments Available: The New Spearo and The Spear
  • A waiting list will be started so If you are interested claim your spot.
  • RATE: $20/Episode/Segment
  • To encourage long term relationships I will lock this rate for continuing Sponsors through the 2016 calendar year.
  • Pricing will go up as our audience grows

Thank You For Your Interest

If you would like to schedule a call to talk to talk about sponsoring a segment on The Spear podcast, the whole show, or be part of our listener supporter giveaway promotions please click here to schedule a call with Roman.